I am so excited to be able to write my first blog for Ryann + Rose.  
This will be a somewhat detailed journey on new things, exciting events and building a brand I have truly become proud of.  You will receive a "behind the scenes" glimpse and some insight as to what goes into the decision making and what is in the works for the future. 
We are officially going into our fifth month as a new boutique.  To say this has been something we have built from the ground up might be an understatement but I am so excited how far we have come.
Within the past few months, we have added the new lines, Crescent Drive and Maudye Jayne.  I love this brand for so many reasons. 
First and foremost, this line offers Sizes XS-5.  I love how the designer, Patrick Winget does not like to use the term, "plus size," but chooses to use the word, extended sizing.  He creates styles for everybody and EVERY BODY. The clothes and styles he creates truly flatter a woman's body and the quality and stitch work that goes into each piece is second to none. 
I am so happy to be able to offer this line in our boutique and I am so excited to see what the next "season" holds.  If you have not tried his denim, you are truly missing out.  His jeans are top notch and ridiculously comfortable and flattering.  These high rise jeans come in four washes and three different styles.  These will become a staple piece in your wardrobe. 
Another favorite of mine is the walkers; oh-my-goodness, I could live in these if it was possible.  They are a relaxed fit and insanely comfortable.  I literally wore them for maybe three straight days when I first got them in but who has to know that besides my husband and kids-haha! But, yes- I wore the heck out of them all weekend long.  
I love this company, the brand he has created and the team he has built has been phenomenal to work with. 
We will keep you posted on any upcoming new launches and be sure to bring in the styles you will love.
Our next project we are working on is bringing in comfortable, quality and beautiful flats and to launch our referral site.  We are also in the midst of trying to find a warehouse to expand and also bring back night lives.  So many exciting things to come.
Stay tuned and Thank you for being a part of the Ryann + Rose Family.


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  • Martha Blewett: April 08, 2019
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    Am so happy for you, and us for all the new styles. Every week you are showing new style and not the same style just different patterns. There has been nothing I bought that I have not liked.
    Thank you again for all you do for us.

  • Lisa Hatley: April 08, 2019
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    Dyana, you are the best! The products you choose for your customers is top of the line and your dedication to finding what we like is incredible. Your positive attitude is infectious and I love your “Lives”. Your spirit is enduring and energy seemingly endless. Thank you for all you do.

  • Lou Anne Conrad: April 08, 2019
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    Hi Dy,
    I love shopping Ryann & Rose. I’m very happy with the dresses and told I’ve purchased.
    I haven’t ventured into jeans, capris,or walkers yet. I might get brave one of these days!
    Keep doing the live shows. You look great in everything you try on!
    Lou Anne

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