One of the best things about owning a boutique is having the ability to bring in quality products you know your customers will LOVE.  

With a lot of time and research, my goal is to constantly look for new and exciting products to bring into Ryann + Rose.

That brings me to shoes!  What woman does not love a good pair of shoes and on top of that, who doesn't love to wear a great pair of flats.  Every woman (in my opinion) needs to own at least one pair of flats.

I found a brand, The Storehouse Flats that has a truly remarkable product. Since I am such a HUGE fan of flats, I knew I had to try a pair.  Well, to say they are the most comfortable flat I have worn in a long time might be an understatement.  I LOVED them the moment I put them on.  You know how you just put on a product and instantly fall in love; well this will be your next go to item.

I first starting wearing flats when I would commute into New York City for work.  Everyday, I would come into the Port Authority, rush down the escalator, thru the turn style to the subway platform and take the train five stops cross town.  At my stop on 51st and Lexington Avenue, I would walk three blocks to my office and up the elevator five floors to my office at Discovery Channel.  I did this commute for thirteen years and knowing a good pair of flats was essential. These fit every criteria for a comfortable, quality, foldable ballet flat.

With this company, I LOVED their business model.  They offer nineteen beautiful solid colors along with special editions each month.  Special editions also have the option to come with a matching wristlet your foldable flats can fit into. 


When I saw the colors, I immediately thought of brides and their bridesmaids.  Every bride needs a comfortable pair of flats for dancing or maybe even a blue pair as the traditional call for.  In addition, what a beautiful picture and thoughtful gift for bridesmaids wearing a pair to match their dress.  I love giving gifts they can use long after your wedding day.  With their metallic's coming in silver or gold, every woman always needs a pair for those special occasions and hard to match dresses.



Other professions I thought of were nurses, teachers and women on their feet all day as well as the commuters I mentioned above.  What about vacations and walking around and exploring cities.  These flats are absolutely perfect for these types of adventures too.  A long day at Disney or a fun day of shopping, I promise you will thank me by the end of each day. Read the reviews on your VIP Page.

Lastly and most importantly, their special editions.  Can we just say they custom design absolutely beautiful show stopping prints.  They release a new print or color each month that is seasonally appropriate and you can only pre-order the special edition that month.  When I saw the special editions, I knew I had to have this line.  I love the excitement of knowing new products were going to be added to the line each month and I fell in love with the designs.

I hope you enjoyed the insight into these amazing flats. 

Want to see a behind the scenes look and meet the owners, Andrea and Eric McBride.  Watch their Live Video they recorded just for our VIP Group!

Stay tuned each month for the preorder window so you can be sure to secure your favorite colors for the season.

As always, thank you for shopping with Ryann + Rose.

Love, Dy


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