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FREE!!! Max of 35 Drink Pouches per order.You will receive an assortment of our styles! Please note- If you order more than 35, you will only receive 35 in your order. You MUSTadd 35 to receive 35 individual pouches. 

Looking for the perfect way to keep cool all summer long? Look no further! These fun and stylish Summer Drink Pouches are the answer.

With 500ml of capacity, that’s about 17oz, these insulated party pouches can hold both hot and cold beverages. Coming in a variety of frosted finishes and 7 unique styles, you’ll be sure to find one that speaks to your taste.

Get up close and personal with any drink – soda, wine, hard seltzer or just some good 'ole H2O – enjoy drinks on the go without having to worry about glassware!

Size | 500ml, approx 17oz

Material | Frosted Plastic